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Phillip Kismartoni

I've been performing music and acrobatics my whole life, I worked 8 years in Cirque Du Soleil's show "KA" in the MGM Grand playing multiple lead roles, I performed in various original rock bands, cover bands and acoustic ensembles in Australia and America and Have written music for many performing Artists including international touring circus performers that used my music for their acts. I was born in Australia to Hungarian parents.

I started learning music classically at the age of 5, playing piano and cello.  My parents had also put me into Gymnastics training as they had done so with my older brother (also a Violinist and Cirque du Soleil freak acrobat and stunt performer) As a teenager is when I really began to explore music, finding an appreciation for Genres like Metal and Jazz, this soon lead me to a diverse understanding of music which inspired me to compose music, as well as give me an open mind. I taught my self how to play drums, and guitar and bass, soon winding up playing bass in the school jazz band, cello in the Orchestra and Drums in the Progressive thrash Metal band Festation.  I continued training and competing as I high level gymnast and after high school I went to study music composition at Box Hill Institute of Music, then something I didn't plan for happened, I was offered to perform with Cirque Du Soleil in Las Vegas.  Working for Cirque taught me how to collaborate with other creative people and to successfully translate directions that were given to me, this is also an absolutely critical skill when it comes to writing music for other people.

I have continued writing/recording music and playing live gigs and events when ever I have the chance as well as starting a new alternative metal band.   


Writing music is my passion, it keeps me sane and balanced, it is such a genuine way to express oneself

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